Swipe screen actions of iPhone X

so even though there are no Home button in the whole new iPhone X there are ways to make your work with iPhone much more easier. iPhone X got the strange screen, You can swipe the parts of the screen to do some actions.

Trick 01

Switching between applications

you can swipe the bottom edge of your iPhone X to switch between the open applications a.k.a. recently opened applications

Trick 02

Returning to the home screen

you can swipe the bottom edge line of the screen to go back to screen one, this will come in to handy if there are multiple applications or windows open.

Trick 03

Showing the notification center

you can see the notifications or the notification center by swiping the left side of the top of the screen of your iPhone X

Trick 04

Seeing the Control center

you can also get the control center or the settings of your iPhone X by swiping the right hand side of the top of the screen