iPhone X face unlock tips

yes i know that face ID or unloacking your iPhone using your face has become an issure these days, there was a video where a mother and daugther uses the same ID and one just bypassing other’s Face ID protection. But if you are not an chinese or japanese  you may not always get in to problems like that often when using face ID of iPhone X

still you have to do many things even before using face ID, these will make it look like unlocking your old iPhones like iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iphone 7 and other ones using fingerprint lot eaiser.

you have to

  • Tap the phone
  • Then use the Face ID
  • Then again swipe to unlock your iPhone

But there are some day to day tips to bypass these steps

First of all you can use the Raise to Wake function to bypass the tapping of the phone to wakr up the screen
For this go to

2.then to “Display & Brightness”

now unless your phone is in the sameplace like desk, when you get your phone out or up the screen will be up and ready

now get use to swipe the screen as you pick up the phone, this will save you the trouble of swiping the phone after unloking using face ID, just swipe when you pick up the phone

that’s it guys, hope this help you to speed your time taken to unloack your iPhone X via face ID