Battery saving on iPhone 8

iPhone 8 phone has a smaller battery size compared to other versions of iPhones, it has a 1821 mAh battery. So it will be really hard to someone who lives on the phone to keep up with the battery’s discharging unless you have a method to charge it everytime.

so the thing you have to do is to activate as much battery saving methods as you can, technically battery saving modes don’t do a very huge impact unless it is something like the Ultra power saving mode on samsung flagship phones like samsung S5, Samsung S6 which will make the phone black and white and enable user only to use basic fuctions as calls, sms, calculator and contacts.

in the low power mode your iPhone’s performance will be reduced. But that is how it is going to be, to save the power the hardware components must get low electricity, for that the software that runs and uses your hardware must be limited. so you have to expect a low speed on some apps, some apps will be disabled too.

but we can use the things they have given to us like enabling battery saving mode or a.k.a. LOW POWER MODE. To do this you have to

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Touch or tap on “Battery”
  3. Toggle the button next to the “Low Power Mode”



And also you can reduce brightness of the screen of your iPhone


  1. To do this swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone8’s screen
  2. now the Control Center will be opened
  3. Now drag the Brightness slider to left until the brightness level is low


and you can use Wifi if avaibale over using cellular data, technically the electricity used to run the wifi hardware is lower than the iPhone 8’s hardware used to operate cellular data. to Turn on Wifi in your iPhone 8

1. Go to “Settings”
2. now go to “Wi-Fi”
3. now witch on Wi-Fi



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