Adding a Home button to iPhone X

Not like the older iPhones like iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7; in the new iPhone X there is no Home button, at least in iPhone 7 there was a not physical button, sort of a touch button but not in iPhone X. For me personally it is a big problem because a Home button is a must for me, at least a virtual one.

and Yes we can add a virtual Home button to iPhone X 

the way to do is first you have to go to

1. “Settings”

2. Now go to “General”

3. Then to “Accessibility”

4. and to “AssistiveTouch”

5. toggle “AssistiveTouch” On

6. Now select “Customize Top Level Menu”

now you will see 6 icons, Home, control center, device, siri, custom, notifications and device.

7. now press the minus button until there is only one icon remaning, this will be the custom icon with a star

8. Now tap that button and make it the Home button

Now you got a Home button, just drag it where ever you want it to be and it will be there

Hope this helped you guys.