activating Siri and ApplePay using Side button in iPhone X

In whole new iPhone X there are many easy way to access the things we need the most like the Apple’s Artificial intelligence SIRI and Apple’s digital payment method ApplePay.

to activate iPhone X’s Siri you just have to

1.pressing down the side button on the right hand side your iPhone

yes that’s it.easy as that.

Almost same thing to activate ApplePay too

now days we use these digital methods to Pay easily to goods and stuff. eailer paying with cash was easy for decades and decades then came the credit cards and debit cards. Then it became the most easiest way to pay and then came the digital paying methods using NFC and mobile phone, you don’t even have to take our credit card or debit card out of your pocket or renew them, you can just use the phone on your hand to pay by simply bringing your device closer to the reciever.

so to pay using Apple pay just

1.double press the side button on the right hand side of your iPhone X

yes that is it, just a one step.